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TryCar is a new rental App that provides customers with a fast and smooth experience. With just
few clicks, customers can rent their favourite car from a wide range of vehicles anytime and


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Our Mission
Our Vision
  • Enable car rental companies/offices to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.
  • Help customers access the best car leasing companies across Kuwait.
  • Facilitate rental rate comparisons between car leasing companies.
  • Bring choice of delivery sites to the customer.
  • Save both the rental agency and the client time and effort.
  • Help rental companies build and maintain a broader customer base.
  • To unite local and regional car hire companies under the TryCar umbrella, boosting each one’s marketing power and exposing them to a wider market than they could ever achieve alone.
  • To bring TryCar to any driver with a smartphone, giving them the confidence to place their needs in reliable hands.
  • To expand our services to further local and regional markets.
  • Credibility and Reliability: Our TryCar App puts the full range of options in front of the customer so that they would make the right choice.
  • Quality and Value: The TryCar App helps customers find premium car rental services more quickly, more easily, and more cost-effectively.


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